Don’t Forget to Renew Your Certificate of Competency with Alberta Municipal Affairs

If you have completed the 2021 SOP Update Training, you still need to apply to Alberta Municipal Affairs to renew your Certificate of Competency.  To renew your Certificate of Competency, submit a copy of your training documents to Municipal Affairs at along with the application form found at Safety Codes Officers should submit copies of their documents to the Safety Codes Council as a component of required training compliance.

To ensure your Certificate of Competency does not expire, you must complete the required SOP Update training by October 31, 2022.

If your Certificate expires on October 31, 2022, you have until February 28, 2023 to complete the SOP Update training and have your Certificate reinstated.

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Alberta SOP Update Opportunities

Opportunities are now available to participate in the Standard of Practice Update Training. This two-day training is now required for those wishing to maintain their Certificate of Competency in Private Sewage (PSDS ticket).

The AOWMA training was developed in consultation with Alberta Municipal Affairs. It is a two day program covering the changes to the Standard of Practice and reviewing the application of those Standards to onsite wastewater systems. Participants can take Day 1 and Day 2 back-to-back, or they may complete Day 1 during one session and return for Day 2 at another time if that is more convenient.

November 23/24 | Virtual Classroom
November 29/30 | Edmonton, AB

Register for SOP Update Training now.

If you complete your SOP training through the AOWMA, we will automatically update your information to show you are still certified. If you have taken the training elsewhere, please notify us, otherwise your listing will be updated to show you are no longer certified. 

Alberta Standard of Practice Manuals

Print copies of the new Standard of Practice Manuals are available through the AOWMA storefront.

Students who order the SOP training and the SOP manual at the same time can save on shipping.

Digital copies can be downloaded from the Safety Codes Council.

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