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It\’s a New World Out There!

The provincial associations, like everyone else, are learning to adapt to the new way of doing business.  We have been on a steep learning curve with the development of webinars, virtual platforms, and safety plans, to better service our members.

WCOWMA-BC recently completed a Virtual Training Maintenance Provider program with attendees from BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan.  The trainers worked hard to learn the processes and it paid off with a very smooth launch of the online training program.

These virtual classrooms allow for interaction between the students and the trainers, which helps to create a real classroom dynamic.

WCOWMA-BC is also in the process of delivering the Onsite Wastewater Training Program in the virtual classroom.  This program is intense in the physical classroom, and it is no less so in the virtual realm.  Once again the trainers and trainees are rising to the occasion and curriculum has been enhanced with more graphics and visual learning aids to help deliver the messaging.

The AOWMA too, has delivered one virtual training session and will be planning next steps for future training sessions.  The trainers in Alberta are no less dedicated than their counterparts in BC, and have been working hard to learn the programming and delivery to ensure that virtual training is just as effective as physical training.

The next provinces to bring online into our virtual classroom with be Saskatchewan and Manitoba, so stay tuned for more to come!

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