New Alberta SOP – Info on Release Date

The 2021 Alberta Standard of Practice will be released by the end of the year. The AOWMA is in the process of developing the curriculum for a series of Standard of Practice Update training events.  Once the curriculum is developed and approved for delivery by Alberta Municipal Affairs, SOP Update training will be made available to all current Certificate of Competency holders.

One year following the release of the Standard of Practice, it will come into force.  In the interim between the release and coming into force, the 2015 Standard of Practice will continue to be utilized for design and installation of onsite wastewater systems.

Once the new SOP is released, current Certificate of Competency holders will be required to participate in Standard of Practice Update training provided by Alberta Onsite Wastewater Management Association.  Certificate of Competency holders will have one year within which to complete their SOP Update Training.

The Standard of Practice Update training will be a two-day workshop.  These workshops will be provided virtually, with a limited opportunity for in-person training throughout the training year for those who prefer to attend a live training event.  More information will be released as it becomes available.

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