Strategic Planning Retreat Outcomes

The AOWMA Board of Directors held its strategic planning retreat on June 22 – 23. The following is a summary of the key focus areas as decided upon at the session.

1. Continue to encourage Municipal Affairs to implement increased industry enforcement measures against those who deviate from the Standard of Practice and related regulations and legislation.

2. Gauge industry for input on content that should be included or removed for the next version of the Standard of Practice.

3. Continue efforts to eliminate homeowner permits, or find ways to reduce their negative impacts on industry.

4. Provide input to Municipal Affairs and assist municipalities to implement a performance assurance (i.e. maintenance) program for onsite systems.

5. Provide input to Municipal Affairs to add introductory curriculum and practical training programs as part of installer certification requirements.

6. Hold a Septic Summit event that would attract industry, municipalities and provincial government stakeholders to an event the day before the 2013 convention that will focus on enforcement, permitting, inspection and related issues.

7. Secure land that will be used as an AOWMA soils and system construction fixed training site.

8. Begin development toward a more institutionalized association structure that would feature fixed office facilities.

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