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October 2021

High-Water Alarms in Privies

Alberta Municipal Affairs issued a STANDATA regarding the requirement for high-water alarms in privies in September 2021. The STANDATA removes the requirement for a high-water alarm in privies due to their remote locations, and the absence of power available at these sites needed to operate the alarm.  As well, without the addition of flush water […]

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Closer Scrutiny Occurring in Alberta Permit Reviews

Onsite wastewater contractors and safety codes officers are undergoing more intense scrutiny as Alberta Municipal Affairs and the Alberta Safety Codes Authority audit permit applications and closed permits to ensure that the regulations and Standard of Practice are being met. Contractors should be aware that if their permit documents do not meet the requirements of

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AOWMA is back with a live Convention and Trade Show – February 2022

The AOWMA Convention Committee is working on plans for a live convention and trade show to take place in Red Deer, AB on February 15, 16, & 17, 2022. The committee discussed the various challenges everyone has faced in the past year and a bit.  Everyone has been adapting, adjusting, and innovating.  The industry is

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Septic Awareness Week Update

WCOWMA and it\’s provincial chapters hosted seven Septic Sense workshops during the week of September 20 – 24, 2021 in an effort to educate homeowners. Numerous companies and associations assisted us in promoting this event. Seven webinar presentations were provided by the association: WCOWMA-BC – two presentations AOWMA – three presentations SOWMA – one presentation

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