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Convention Update: What are the topics? Who will be presenting?

Great presentations, an interactive hands-on trade show, awards and prizes, and an opportunity to network and share with others in the industry.  What are you waiting for?

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What are the topics? Who will be presenting?
Here is a taste of what you can expect in the presentation schedule:

Optional Pre-Convention SJE- Rhombus Control Panel Workshop     
– Get hands-on classroom time   
– The inner workings
– Installation Tips and Tricks
– Setting the controls
– Troubleshooting

Onsite Wastewater Industry Panel Discussion with Alberta Municipal Affairs
– Opening remarks by Shawn Ewasiuk, Assistant Deputy Minister, Alberta Municipal Affairs
– Joe Petryk, Alberta Municipal Affairs
– Jon Elliott, Alberta Municipal Affairs
– Update yourself on regulatory issues and changes

Dave Gustafson – University of Minneapolis, Onsite Wastewater Research Centre
– Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems After a Wildfire
– Septic Tank Additives and Enzymes
– Maintaining and Troubleshooting Existing Systems

Mat Matthews – Blackhawk Aeronautical Solutions
– Using Drones in the Site Evaluation Process

Pam Morgan – Key Instincts
– Conflict resolution touching on our flight/flight/freeze/fawn responses
– The great resignation and how we are now embarking on the great regret

Our tentative schedule is now available! Download a copy and start planning your time at the show.

Download the delegate brochure.

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